T-Craft Realistic 64x64 - 1.12... 44% finished

This is my first Texture Pack...

It's made by editing real photos with a program called "Gimp". It's a slow but secure process, since I don't feel like making it very often, but when I do.. I'm all about perfection(and mostly use all day). :)

Please tell me(in the comments bellow) what you think, and let me know if you see any faults(I'll do my best to correct them!)

Any ideas are welcome^_^

Credit for the water texture goes to Scuttles and he's texturepack: lb-photo-realism-pack-256x256

You can download the Texture Pack from this site


Version 1.7.10:

This is a short review made by Markus Herzog

Version 1.7.4:

Longer but more detailed review made by Pine ThreeG