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Welcome to my website! ^_^ First of all: I will never charge anything here! everything will always be free for all!
This is where I upload all of my creations.. Drawings, paintings, clothes, photos and my texturepack for minecraft.

Now to a diferent subject..Are you tired all the time? Have you gained more weight than you like? Do you feel that loosing weight is overwhelming? Then stay tuned!
I've started to upload my recipes that are without refined sugar and lactose for better energy and less gaining weight..(you should always check all the ingredients if there are any lactose if you are allergic.. I'm only intolerant)
and also, wherever there are gluten.. there are whole grain and often sourdough for a happier stomach. ^_^
I myself have lost 10 kg in 1-1½ years with almost no workout at all..
Because of Covid-19, I didn't even walk much, I mostly: cleaned a bit, cooked food and then sat down the rest of the time..
..though not recommended! This is proof that the weight loss came only through the change in my eating!
So imagine how much one can loose if you exercise too!! Note: my weight went from 75 kg to 65 kg..
so I really shouldn't be able to loose anymore ^_^' I used to eat a whole 200 g bar of chocolate almost every evening..
NOT proud of that! But just trying to say: you can do it to! "\^_^/"

last but not least, if you by any chance have the interest in learning Japanese like me.. I share with you all the tips that I have learned since I started in 2014-15..

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