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My Moon Theme

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I had been up all night on my laptop.. and I suddenly felt like taking some fresh air. So I went on my balcony 5 o'clock in the night/morning. I was then met by a totally black sky except for a few stars and this gorgeous full moon...I thought, "I wonder how my camera would handle such a high contrst moon in the darkness. So I grabbed my Sony Cyber-shot tried first the "normal geneous" option.. result:

Then I tried the "darkness on tripod" option.. result:

Last but not least the "Darkness on tripod" option with full 10x optical zoom leaning hands on the balcony railing.(have no tripod)... I was so amazed by this result that I felt like making this moon theme. So I did that until morning about 8 o'clock :P - I use this theme myself :D

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